Thursday, July 06, 2006

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Car Customization World

For all car lovers, enthusiasts, and hobbyists, do check out this blog for the latest news and updates about the car customization world. Feel free to discuss designs, car shows, everything about customizing your car. Car Customization!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

SUV Off Road!!

Here's some guidelines for preparing yourself for your first off road with your SUV.

1. Make sure you know your vehicle well. It's important to recognize your limits and those of your vehicle and not to exceed them.

* Know how your 4x4 system works and how to use the controls.
* Know where the spare tire and jack are located and how to use them.
* Know your vehicle's dimensions - height, width, length, approach angle, departure angle and ramp angle - so that you can pass through tight areas without damage.
* Know where the lowest point of clearance is - usually the differential casing.
* Get used to driving your 4x4. Get a feel for its size and driving characteristics.
* Practice using the low ratio gearbox.
* If your vehicle is equipped with manual locking hubs, try them out.
* Know where your engine's air intake and engine computer are located so you'll know the maximum depth of water that you could cross.
* Keep track of maintenance on filters, belts and hoses and keep all fluids topped up.

2. Be prepared. You never know when you'll find yourself stuck or broken down, without help around, so be sure to pack all of the appropriate "emergency" supplies. And be aware of changing weather conditions before you go.

3. Travel with at least one passenger, and at least one other vehicle whenever possible. If possible bring other forms of cummincation like radios or satellite phones just to be on the safe side.

4. Let someone know where you are going, and set a time to contact them to let them know you are okay. Don't forget to take along their phone number, the local sheriff's phone number, in case of an emergency. And don't follow-through by calling at the pre-arranged time, so they don't send out the search teams for you!

5. Always double check everything before going off.

6. Keep in mind that when loading the SUV, always try to keep the load ewual on all sides of the vehicle. Uneven weight in the vehicle might cause difficulties when in a tight situation.

Some additional accessories you could get to ease up on the off road experience.
- Upgrading shocks
- Upgrading wheels
- Grill guard or bumper guard
- Mud guards
- Fire extinguisher

Friday, May 05, 2006

Welcome to the SUV Accessory

Hello and good day,

Isn't it great that today, we have a lot of ways we can improve our SUV's. From preparing to go off-road to protecting the insides from spills and stains. SUV's are a big part of american life. Could be used as a family car, can be used for hoobies and sports. The best part of it all is that we can customize or accessorize it to cater to our needs!

Let's say I'm planning that off road trip I've been planning whole month. Mud guards would be a great idea, for saving some cleaning time. Bull Bars and Grill Guards to protect the bumper and grill. A car front cover would also help protect the paint of the car from all sorts of damage.

Before this, you would have to go canvas on multiple stores to find what you're looking for. Only to find out that this store does'nt sell this type and the other store a couple of miles ahead is out of stock for this part.

Now we have this site, we have the widest coverage and selection of accessories for all the SUV's in the market today. As long as you know your SUV's brand and year, we have the accessories you need. Best of all, no driving around looking for the parts. We deliver it straight to your doorstep! It's that easy.

So go plan that family vacation, or satisfy that thirst for adventure we'll help you accessorize that SUV to ensure maximum satisfaction!

Don't forget to subscribe to this blog! We will be featuring and reviewing all types of accessories for your SUV in the future, and you want to check out the complete listing of accessories go to this site!